Thursday, December 2, 2010

Part I:
My presentation will begin with an introduction of India:
  1. Location
  2. History with Pakistan
  3. Recent Advancements
People love drama, action and things that blow up, luckily India's history has that to offer. I would speak of the battles with Pakistan and the need for U.N. involvement. Also I will present my argument, although the United States successfully attempts to influence other countries into its imperialistic ideologies, many countries reject them and follow their own path into success. I will show the many advancements India was able to accomplish without the United States and the positive and negatives of the before and after the United States entered in agreements with India. As of now
I don't have a visual, partly because I felt that my research paper didn't really capture what I truly wanted to say about India and its ability to move forward without so many capitalist ideologies. I feel the need to fill my presentation with the many things that I couldn't express in my research paper. I will probably use my awesome PowerPoint skills to gather images and clips that express what my research paper failed to do. An effective oral presentation takes a lot of confidence in yourself and the topic you are presenting. A great oral presentation means that you know who your audience is and how to capture them. Since my audience are my classmates then I know that 18 year-olds get bored with too many numbers and facts, we like visuals and interactive moments. I will do my best to fulfill my audience's likes because if I can do that and get my point across then I have effectively given a perfect oral presentation.


  1. Hi Yvette - It sounds like you have a great sense of your overall argument. You want to also think about some key pieces of evidence that will support it, and maybe take the analysis farther: why was India able to resist when other countries can't?

    What do you think wasn't in your paper that you wanted to be there? Having a sense of this will be helpful as you go into your revision.

  2. Hi Yvette, great thinking but can you be more specific, what do you mean by "History with Pakistan". Do you mean wars or what?
    My country(iraq) also had somehow same situation with Iran and kuwait, so your respone might be helpful for me.


  3. lol you're really funny, and i think your presentation will be great. and you sound like you did enjoy researchind about India, thats really good.

  4. im excited for this presentation india sounds really intresting

  5. so when i wrote history with Pakistan it was just a broad idea of what I wanted to present. India has a very violent and interesting past with Pakistan.I think it is critical to know this information before I go into speaking on India's nuclear wepon program.
    Muhammad maybe our countries have this in similarity.
    Sophia i'll try my best to throw a joke into my presentation but honestly what funny things come out of nuclear bombs?